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Welcome and thank you for visiting the official website for the 36th Annual Hilltop
Country Day School Art Exhibition and Sale to benefit our children’s education.
Hilltop Country Day School is committed to keep the arts a focus in our children’s education. At a time when we are seeing funding of the arts shrinking and art programs disappearing, Hilltop Country Day School strives to keep the arts alive.
We are proud to host this event, which brings the fine arts of Sussex County to Hilltop and the surrounding community. Our commitment to this event helps support these talented men and women, and we are pleased that the community continues to support this tradition.
Through this website you are able to preview the artists and their work and browse our sponsors’ page to see who’s supporting the event.
Friday, October 25, 2013 6:30-9:30 pm.
Gallery Hours
Saturday, October 26, 10am – 5pm
Sunday, October 27, 11am – 3pm
                                   - Richard Weber
     Featured Artist Richard Weber

Richard Weber - Featuring Carved Clay Spheres and Wax Works

Artist and Teacher, Weber has been involved with art his entire life. He has worked for sculptors and designers creating pieces for Rock and Roll, Television and Broadway Shows. While working at Costume Armor, a costume sculpture and props company based out of New York City, Weber made some of the props for "Cats" as well as boots for the band "Kiss."

Weber started creating his own sculptures that took on an anthropomorphic quality. As these sculptures gradually became more abstracted, the spherical shape of the face was all that remained. This sphere became Weber’s signature work that he has been continually creating for the past twelve years.

Each sphere is handmade,smoothed and carved by the artist. They explore variation in size, design, color and texture. Three of Weber’s “Spheres of Influence,” as he has dubbed them, are displayed on the set of NBC’s The Today Show. His works have been collected both nationally and in Europe.

Most recently, Weber has experimented into the medium of wax. The wax has an immediacy that while challenging, it bring freshness to the composition. Most of the wax works have a matte finish and a relief texture, others are done on glass in a reverse painting style. These wax works resemble an abstracted landscape and have proven to create a great addition to his larger body of work.

"I hope you will find delight and intrigue in my creations"

-Richard Weber

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